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Project Description
This project helps you to move documents by simply drag & drop the files between documents libraries out-of-the-box views located on the same web part page.Only SharePoint 2010 is supported.

Installation instructions:

1. Unzip and upload the Scripts folder to Site Assets Document library.

2. Create web part page then add the document libraries views that you want then add a content editor web part and link it to the DandD.js script file inside the Scripts folder you upload it earlier.

3. Start moving the files by dragging the file type icon then drop it in the footer section of the desirable destination document library as shown:

The footer of the destination document library will be highlighted once you are over it.

a dialog will appear so you can choose the operation(Move,Copy).


Current Limitations:
• Document libraries should be in the same site.
• Only default document library view is supported:
• All views should have title.
• All views should have summary toolbar.
• All views should have the type and the name columns.
• Only files with title can be moved.
• You can’t drag folders or drop into folders.

Current Features:
• Copy Operation has been added.
• Folders are supported now.

Planned Features:
• Delete Document by drag it to Recycle Bin.
• Support Multiple Item Selection.

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